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By Mike


A personal invitation from Mike Collier

Greetings Hays County!

First of all, I hope you and you your loved ones are doing well and are optimistic about the new year!

I can’t thank you enough for all you did for us in 2022. I am NOT discouraged. Democrats WILL WIN a statewide race if only we stay in this fight. I remain in this fight with you!

One thing I’m very worried about, and I know you are too, is voter protection. Democracy in America is not assured. It is entirely in our hands. The responsibility we shoulder, not just for ourselves and our children and grandchildren but for all of mankind, is very great.

That’s why I have taken a keen interest in the work of Power the Vote, and why I am delighted to have met co-founder Kimberley Allen. Kim was on the voter protection team that saved Democracy in Georgia in 2020. When I heard Kim’s story, and found out she was focusing next on her home state of Texas, I was thrilled.

Kim, along with State Representative Gina Hinojosa and I, would like to invite you to a Zoom on January 30 at 7:00pm to discuss a project called Blue Texas, which is a joint project of Power the Vote and Every State Blue.

Blue Texas is a community of monthly donors who support permanent voter protection programs and Democratic nominees for state legislature.

I hope you’ll join us on January 30 to hear more about it. And please invite anyone else you think might be interested.

You can register for the Zoom HERE – (click on this text).

I’m looking forward to seeing you then,


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