ALERT: Ken Paxton is Still Corrupt and a Threat to Women and Children

AUSTIN, Texas – Ken Paxton, under the leadership of Greg Abbott, has chosen to use his position to attack Texans. From his constant attacks on transgender youth, abortion access, and unconstitutional efforts to overturn the 2020 election, Paxton is as crooked as a snake. All of this is in an effort to hide the fact that he is under FBI investigation for being yet another corrupt Texas Republican.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement:

“Ken Paxton has used his position to launch a direct assault on the freedoms of Texans. Paxton and Abbott have been in lockstep to disenfranchise communities across the state to cover for their failed leadership. It should not be lost on us that Paxton is using his position to distract from his blatant abuse of power and ongoing federal investigation into his corruption.

“At the very least the Office of the Attorney General requires honesty and respect for the rule of law. Ken Paxton lacks both of those qualities and so do his fellow Texas Republicans. Rampant corruption cannot be tolerated, especially not in the office that is sworn to protect and uphold our constitution and laws.

 “The Texas Democratic Party will continue to fight back against these egregious incursions on our freedoms and our privacy. Republicans must be held accountable for their constant attacks on the very values that keep us free, and this November they must be removed from office via the ballot box. Ken Paxton, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ted ‘Fleeing’ Cruz, and John Cornyn have one thing in common: they are a group of the most corrupt politicians ever to step foot in Texas.”