ALERT: Incompetent Abbott Stalls Trade, Costing Texans Millions

Austin, TX – Greg Abbott’s actions at the southern border are running the Texas economy into the ground and ruining the livelihoods of Texans. Abbott’s use of taxpayer dollars and resources to win political points is backfiring and causing unnecessary record inflation. 

In the last week alone, Greg Abbott’s directives to inspect commercial vehicles in Texas has caused supply chain disruptions at our southern border. Abbott’s office has intentionally slowed down 60% of the total U.S.-Mexico trade resulting in losses of over thirty million dollar’s worth of goods. 

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa releases the following statement: 

“Greg Abbott’s leadership at the southern border has led to a catastrophe. Instead of correcting course and putting forth effective policy solutions, he has chosen to double down at the expense of our economy and the livelihoods of Texans. 

“Abbott is doing this in an attempt to shift blame for his failures on to the Biden-Harris Administration. This is nothing more than projection from a corrupt Republican politician. South Texas communities are being hit extremely hard for no reason other than Abbott wanting to stay in office. 

“Historically, Republicans have claimed to be the party of small businesses. The actions Abbott has taken are the exact opposite of what workers and businesses need to thrive. He is limiting their ability to earn an honest living, and threatened the bottom line of Texas businesses. Texas Republicans are letting their corrupt political tactics ravage southern Texas communities.

“Republicans are continuing their pattern of demonizing immigrants and blaming them for the issues they’ve created at the Southern Border. Greg Abbott’s reckless and negligent attempts to “secure” the southern border are nothing more than a multi-billion dollar campaign stunt. A stunt that is being paid for with taxpayer dollars. 

“Texas Democrats are utilizing every tool at our disposal to combat Abbott’s reckless behavior. The manufactured crisis at the southern border is just another corrupt tactic Republicans are using to sway voters. Democrats are working to ensure that Abbott’s authoritarian reign comes to an end this November.”