Happy Earth Day! – Democrats Are Leading the Way Against Climate Crisis While Texas Republicans Continue to Get Rich by Destroying our Planet

AUSTIN, Texas – Here in Texas, we have seen the impact of climate change firsthand. Texans have faced a multitude of climate change related crises, from power outages to wildfires, all because of Republican inaction. Instead, Greg Abbott and his Republican cronies continue to line their pockets with money from the fossil fuel industry. This is an Earth Day reminder that we must elect Democratic leaders who believe in science and want to foster a healthy climate for future generations.

Today, Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“Greg Abbott is a failed leader who knows his days in office are numbered. Time and time again, Texas Republicans have been absent on common sense climate change policies. Democrats on the other hand have led the charge in making sure we take drastic measures to combat climate change; and mitigate its impacts.

“As we celebrate Earth Day, we must remember that we are in dire need of new leadership at the helm of our state. Only electing Democratic leaders who follow science will help us address the growing challenges Texans are seeing across our state because of climate change.

“Texas Republicans have been more focused on taking in millions from the oil and gas industry than they are on modernizing our power grid. Texans have died because of the reckless leadership of the Republican party. The only way to make sure we have a healthy climate for future generations is by rejecting Republicans at the ballot box this November and ejecting them from office. Texas Democrats are fighting for commonsense climate change solutions because our future depends on it.”