Texas Democratic Party Statement on Abbott’s Incompetent and Reckless Action at the Border

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement: 

“Abbott’s latest reckless and irresponsible action for the sole purpose of political gain has wreaked havoc at the southern border and led to another intentional catastrophe he is now attempting to fix. His manifested crisis has hurt businesses, brought shortages to our supply chain, which has increased prices at the grocery stores ahead of Easter weekend and he’s done it all at our expense. His shameful political stunt targeting the U.S.-Mexico trade has resulted in losses of over thirty million dollars worth of goods. And these attempts today to rectify this disaster after the damage he’s already done are nothing more than additional political grandstanding.

“We will not tolerate any more of Abbott’s lies and corrupt political tactics. Texas Democrats are utilizing every tool at our disposal to combat Abbott’s reckless behavior and to vote him out this November. The manufactured crisis at the southern border is just another corrupt tactic Republicans are using to sway voters. Beto O’Rourke and Texas Democrats are working to ensure that Abbott never has an opportunity to fail Texas again!