february, 2022

22feb11:28 am11:58 amWelcome to Workast, Gina Fant-Simon - Click [View Task] to get started

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Did you notice the notification you received about this in a Slack task? This is how Workast notifies you when you are assigned a task.

You and your teammates will also be sent updates on your tasks and projects from Workast through Slack.

### What is Workast?
Workast is a task and project management software for teams on Slack. You can create and assign tasks to your peers, organize projects, events, clients work, run meetings and more. [See everything you can do in Workast](https://www.workast.com/product/)

### Create and assign your first task
Tasks are organized by channels. Only participants of the channel can see the tasks. Click on the channel you want to create a task in and type **/todo** and type the task. Press enter to create the task. [More info here.](http://l.workast.io/qyj0)

### Help articles and guides
Visit the [#learn-workast](https://slack.com/app_redirect?channel=learn-workast) channel and type “/todo list” to see more tips and help articles on how to get started with Workast.

### Questions?
You can contact us at support@workast.com or visit our [Help Center](https://www.workast.com/help)




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