Lying Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star Implodes

AUSTIN, Texas – It has been over a year since Greg Abbott launched Operation Lone Star (OLS). Over the course of this sham operation, Abbott has replaced its leadership three times. This mission initiated by the Governor is another stunt that was never meant to achieve anything besides political points off the backs of our servicewomen and servicemen. At every turn, Greg Abbott, flanked by his corrupt Republican counterparts, has gone before news cameras and lied about the “successes” of the operation despite having accomplished nothing. 

Today, the Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa issued the following statement:

“In the last year alone, the Republican led state legislature tripled the amount of money being spent on so-called border security. The majority of this funding increase went to Abbott’s office with another huge sum being allocated to Operation Lone Star. Texas Republicans continue to waste taxpayer dollars to fund their campaign to grab headlines instead of actually doing their jobs and supporting Texans.

“Greg Abbott is incapable of telling the truth. From lying about the number of immigrant arrests, fentanyl seizures, the number of trespassing arrests, and metrics related to gang member apprehensions along the southern border – It’s clear that Abbott is hell-bent on seeking the spotlight rather than seeking solutions.

“Abbott’s office is flat out lying when he cites statistics attempting to justify his reckless policies along the southern border. Just a few weeks ago, Abbott claimed that Operation Lone Star had seized over 887 pounds of fentanyl, which was later proven to be false.

“This lying tyrant is draining resources needed to support critical parts of our human infrastructure across Texas – all to secure another term. Republicans are working to stir up enough fear simply to motivate their base to turnout at the ballot box. But let’s be clear: it didn’t work for their twice-impeached, insurrectionist former President in 2020 and it won’t work now. 

“Texas Democrats will not stand idly by as this corrupt group of Republican thugs run our state’s resources into the ground. Greg Abbott is a leader who is out of touch and out of time, and his reign of terror will come to an end this November when we mobilize all eligible voters to vote him out.