Notice of Vacancy in
Hays County Democratic Party Chair

Due to the resignation of the Hays County Democratic Party Chair-elect on June 13, 2022, the HCDP Chair position is vacant. 

To fill the vacancy, a public Zoom meeting is hereby scheduled for the Hays County Executive Committee (HCEC) for 4pm on Sunday, June 26. Sign up for the open Zoom meeting will be posted here by Sunday, June 19. 

To be eligible to run for County Chair, candidates must be at least 18 years of age, and not have voted in a Republican Primary or run-off in 2022 per the Texas Election Code. 

In addition, according to Hays County Democratic Party Bylaws, a candidate for Democratic County Chair must be nominated by a currently serving Precinct Chair and according to the Texas Democratic Party must submit an APPLICATION OF CANDIDACY to:

Hays County Democratic Party at PO Box 204/San Marcos, TX 78667 prior to the June 26 meeting, and to assure arrival, also send a copy of the notarized application by email to the HCDP Secretary at Secretary@HaysDems.org prior to the meeting on June 26. 

Hays County Democrats wishing to run for this position may submit a brief biography (including Democratic involvement) to one or more of the currently elected Precinct Chairs whose contact information is listed below. 

At the June 26 meeting, candidates will be given a brief time to speak, depending on the number of candidates, before the currently elected Precinct Chairs vote. A simple majority is required to win. 

The winner will be installed at the meeting and will lead the Hays County Democratic Party for this term. 

Eligible Precinct Chairs • June 2022