RELEASE: Texas Hispanic Voters Are Ready to Fire Greg Abbott

A New Poll Shows Beto is Beating Abbott by Nearly 20 points Among Likely Hispanic Voters

AUSTIN, Texas A new statewide poll released by the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation shows Hispanics in Texas prefer Beto O’Rourke for Governor over Abbott. The poll reveals O’Rourke leads by nearly 20 points among likely Hispanic voters and an even greater margin of nearly 30 points exists among Texas Hispanic women.  

The astounding margin between the two gubernatorial candidates indicates that Texas Hispanic voters clearly prefer Beto over Abbott and with Hispanics holding the strongest voting power in the state, Beto is well on his way to defeating failed governor Abbott in November.  

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on the recent poll findings: 

“For decades, the Democratic Party has stood in solidarity with the Hispanic community. Advocating for policies that will improve their lives and help all Texans thrive. Despite the ongoing pandering coming from Greg Abbott, it’s obvious that Hispanics see right through his political tactics. The latest polling shows Beto is making significant gains among Hispanic voters.

“Hispanics in Texas have had enough of Abbott and they are ready for a governor who will work towards bettering their lives and their communities across the state. The Hispanic community can see through the lies and political stunts Abbott has been using to gain popularity and they know they have a better option.

“Beto continues to focus on solution-based policies instead of the divisive rhetoric and political theater Abbott and other Texas Republicans have been relying on to motivate an extreme base of voters.  Beto’s strategy resonates with all voters because it’s about them and not about a political agenda. 

“Hispanic voters are smart enough to see through Abbott’s political show and will not support a spineless candidate or a party who continues to attack people of color, incite culture wars steeped in racism and hate. Hispanic voters are saying: no more deflecting and no more scapegoating–we deserve better and we’ll get it by electing Beto O’Rourke this November.”