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SDEC SD 25 Vacancy Election

Senate District 25 Committee member Jaime Eickhoff has vacated her seat on the State Democratic Executive Committee by taking residency out of the district.

Since the position is now vacant, county chairs and precinct chairs in SD 25 that were listed on the Secretary of State’s website on January 15 are eligible voters to fill the vacancy in the upcoming special replacement recommendation election explained below.

Any Democrat who lives in SD 25 is eligible to file for this position — except males are not eligible since SD 25 Committee member Toro Martinez already serves in that capacity, per the Texas Election Code. A Democrat is defined by someone who will take the oath of affiliation this year and swears/affirms to not participate in another party\’s primary and convention process this cycle.

This is notice that Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa has called for a special replacement recommendation election to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term for SDEC SD 25 that ends at the conclusion of the 2024 Texas Democratic Convention.


The meeting where the election will take place is on:

Saturday, March 25, 2023 at:

Blue Hole Pavilion, Blue Hole Park

100 Blue Hole Lane, Wimberly, TX 78676

2 PM

(Space is Reserved from 1-4 PM)


Drinks and snacks will be provided by the Hays County Democratic Party & Wimberley Dems. SD 25 Committee member Toro Martinez will chair the meeting & Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra will give welcoming remarks.

Eligible persons who want to fill the vacancy can notify relevant parties of their intention by completing the online filing form located HERE.

Nomination filing form link: txdem.co/SD25-Self-Nominate

The election will be conducted by paper ballot. Since we need the candidate\’s name to be placed on the ballots, the deadline to file is 11:59 PM CT, Monday, March 20 to appear on the ballot. As per procedure, nominations will also be allowed and taken from the floor during the meeting and there will be blank spaces on the ballot to serve this purpose. The election will implement a similar process as we do at the state convention of ranked choice/instant runoff voting where the County Chairs and Precinct Chairs may vote for a first, second, and third choice. Where the election differs then at our convention is that  the vote is by all those present and voting with one person one vote — not by delegate strength. The ballot instructions will be pasted below as a preview.

Once a person has filled out the form and has self nominated, the filings for the replacement recommendation election are live and located here. Eligible candidates will received the official SD 25 County Chair and Precinct Chair shortly after.

SDEC Special Election Filings: txdem.co/SD25-Election-Filing

Note: We\’re attempting to send this email to Precinct Chairs and all other Democrats in SD 25, but we may not have their email or their correct email. Please pass this along to other Precinct Chairs & Democrats in SD 25.

Questions? Fill out txdem.co/HELP or reply to this email of SDEChelp@txdemocrats.org.



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