Taxes Are Due Today – And Republicans Want to Raise Yours

Republicans have a plan that could raise taxes on 35.5% of Texans – severely impacting seniors and middle class, sunset Medicare & Social Security

AUSTIN, Texas-Today is Tax Day, and Republicans want to talk about anything but the fact that the GOP has backed a plan that could raise taxes on 35.5% of Texans – including many child care workers, teachers, first responders, and other working people across Texas. But Texas Democrats won’t let Texans forget that while Democrats are working to cut families’ costs and make sure billionaires pay their fair share without raising taxes on anyone making less than $400,000 a year, Republicans want to raise taxes on working Texans.

Texas Democratic Party Spokesperson Angelica Luna Kaufman issued the following statement:

“Today is the last day for Texans to file their taxes – and they deserve to know that if Republicans get their way, 35.5% of Texans could see their taxes go up. The contrast is clear: While President Biden and Democrats have cut taxes for working families and laid out a plan to lower costs, Republicans are running on an agenda that would force you to pay more.”