Texas Democratic Party Responds to Abbott’s Bussing Political Stunt and Continued Racist Attacks on Migrants

AUSTIN, Texas – Last week Abbott announced that he would begin bussing migrants to Washington D.C. as a part of his efforts to distract from his failures at the southern border. After endangering the lives of members of the Texas National Guard with ‘operation lone star’ Abbott is continuing to peddle in political theater instead of doing his actual job. 

Texas Democratic Party Chair Gilberto Hinojosa released the following statement on Greg Abbott’s latest move:

“Greg Abbott’s announcement to bus migrants to Washington D.C. is just his latest political stunt to distract from his disastrous policies along the southern border. He has chosen to demonize immigrants in an effort to gain political points with his base instead of using his office to enhance the lives of Texans. It is a complete dereliction of duty and unfortunately Texans are paying the price. We will no longer tolerate his misuse of our tax dollars to fund headline opportunities for his campaign.”

“For years, Texas Republicans have looked to the Southern Border as a wedge issue, creating a narrative that stirs up emotions but neglects the truth. It’s appalling and Texans deserve real leadership that serves their needs, not bad faith actors attempting to garner political wins.”

“Abbott also spent over a billion dollars erecting a partial wall across the southern border using taxpayer dollars, while Texans were worried if their lights would stay on during a winter freeze or if they’ll have adequate healthcare. Far too many Texans are suffering because Republican leadership is too busy engaging in performative politics instead of doing their jobs. 

“The Texas Democratic Party is committed to ensuring this November Republicans like Abbott are held accountable at the ballot box. Texans cannot continue to endure the failures of Republican leadership. Our elected leaders should focus on ensuring all Texans have what they need to thrive and with Democratic leaders at the helm we will do just that.